Re: [AH] Re- Technosaurus S

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Thu, Jan 7th 1999, 17:48

        Reply to:   RE>>[AH] Re: Technosaurus Selector Modular

"Another thing pushing me towards the TS stuff is that everyone and their
grandmama (well almost) owns a Doepfer.  The last thing I want is to sound
like is everyone else by using the same equipment."

Uhh... isn't the point of a modular that you can go beyond a predetermined 
path, you know, personalize your sounds? Besides, does everyone playing a
strat sound like Hendrix? When I was thinking about getting my Doepfer
someone on the list made the point of beyond the sound of the synth, it's
important enough to have the flexability of a modular. If I worried about
sounding like everyone else I wouldn't have the Doepfer, the Pro One, the MW2,

rg, non-303 owner