Sync options

From Brian Vick
Sent Wed, Jan 21st 1998, 19:54

I am looking for more options in terms of what I can use for Midi-Din
Sync conversion.  I have been having major problems since I switched to
Logic Audio.  I have used the Kenton Pro-2 (which worked fine with
Cubase), Novation Drumstation, and MSQ-700 all unsuccesfully.  The
KMS-30 worked perfectly except that I had to start the sequence on the
first measure every time for sync to start which was a real pain in the
butt.  Short of shelling out the $$$ for an SBX box what do people out
there recommend.  I remember talk a while back of Doepfer or someone
like them making a single channel midi-sync box.  Anybody have any