Re: (idm) Re: JDJ/Urmur/Coldcut

From Blipvert
Sent Fri, Jan 30th 1998, 00:42

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> Yeah JDJ have folded now hence the deletions. I can't say I'll miss them
> much as most mix CD's are pretty wank both in content and execution. The
> Coldcut CD is the exception that proves the rule though and is a bench
> mark for how these things should be done. I think I'm qouting them right
> when they said at the time that they just wanted to make every DJ who
> heard it sick with envy. If you haven't heard it and have any kind of
> interest in either the art of mixing or any of theses artists: Dillinga;
> Wagon Christ; Red Snapper; Plastik Man; Gescom; Mantronix; KRS1; DJ Food
> and Coldcut themselves (especially the old cut-up shit) then they should
> do they damndest to hear it.

Anyone know where I can get the Coldcut JDJ CD?