Re: Doepfer A-100

From earache
Sent Thu, Jan 30th 1997, 16:56

Andre "Spice Melange" wrote:
> I only know of one person who uses the Doepfer Modular System, Oliver
> Lieb..
> i think you can purchase them new and they are quite expensive
> but dont take my word for it....

Actually, the systems are quite inexpensive compared to all other
modular systems currently available (Serge, Ric Miller's system, and the
quoted prices from "Moog"). I currently have two panels and am awaiting
two more. I don't have all the modules yet so I can't vouch for all of
them, but from a price/performance ratio it seems like it can't be beat.
Solidly constructed, quite a few modules available, very compact (maybe
too compact for some - the knobs and jacks are packed quite closely
together). Not as esoteric as the Serge stuff overall but more
interesting than the Moog list (or should I say time capsule?).

I recommend it highly.