Re: [AH] doepfer modular systems (long)

From Legion
Sent Tue, Dec 1st 1998, 05:07

Dave Trenkel wrote:
> >The A-114 Dual Ring Mod is a good bargain, and does its duty without too
> >much carrier bleed-through.
> Agreed. I sometimes wish it had an on-board oscillator so I didn't have to
> tie up an oscillator as a carrier, but that'd be a more complex module.

careful what you wish for! I believe the VC Freq Shifter has an onboard
carrier. While it's one of my fav pieces I have to say it's noisy as
hell and always has a high pitched whiiiine coming out due to the
carrier. I've learned to deal with it but sometimes I iwsh there was an
easier way... 

> >The A-115 Audio Divider is a nice module to have if you only have a
> >couple VCOs, 
> I like the A-115 quite a bit, often running things other than square waves
> through it for really wierd sounds.

heh. I thought mine was "broken" because it cut out and sound like one
note mud when i fed it the A110. Turns out I was sending it a low octave
note to start with and it overloaded on the 2nd of four sub octaves!

If you *really* want a nice (and VC able!) audio divider grab one of the
limited run Frequency Dividers from Blacet systems. It is one of the
nicest modules of any company i have ever used. really it is a *great*

> >

> >The A-121 Multimode VCF was a disappointment.  
> Here I completely disagree, I LOVE the sound of the A-121, I greatly prefer
> it over the A-120 moog-style filter. The nasty, screamy quality of the
> self-oscillation is part of what makes it appeal to me. Dif'rent strokes.

I hear ya. I like it but i think all of dave's comments are exactly how
I feel. I don't wnat all that screech in a filter. At least not that
exact screech. It's too clumsy in the resonance for my tastes so i
usually have to keep it a bit down when using the LOWpass out. Now the
Notch out I love and since it has all four I really have to say it's
certainly a module to own despite it's "issues".

As for cross talk I dn't hear any and mine's in a wooden box with a
not-too-great ground. I *have* noticed an annoying break in the sound
when patching up a complex patch and I've wondered if this is a bad cord
or a miilsecond break/short along the buss or xtalk.