Re: Doepfer UK price drop

From osc1
Sent Fri, Oct 17th 1997, 19:01

>Doepfer have a new UK distributor, Andy Horrell's EMIS in Bristol.
>Prices across the board have fallen too:
>A100 system 1 (23 modules) 999 pounds
>A100 mini system (10 modules) 699 pounds
>Other modules (all 43 of them) cost 29 pounds each

this web address will work, just trim the "index.html" off of the end...

also...they don't have all 43 modules for 29 pounds (as i almost had a
seizure when i read this).  they have all 43 modules, starting from 29
pounds on up, pricewise.  their prices are (if my pound to dollar
conversion rate isn't *way* off) the same or higher than what you can get
from Music Central (for the most part, and especially for individual
modules), where i've been faithfully (and gratefully) buying Doepfer stuff.
but if you live in the UK, EMIS looks like the way to go, certainly... :)
  if you're interested in Doepfer things in the US...check with John Mika
at Music Central (plug, plug).  :)

just trying to help...
carty / squelch one

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