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 > Human League's "Reproduction" album, I think, is a better testament to analo
 > synthesizers - the drums were completely analog.  BTW - does anyone have an
 > idea what HL used to create those drums?  I'm guessing a normal synthesizer
 > was used.  Anyone?

Ok, to clear up a bit of confusion here about what was used to create the 
album, here goes.......

The League used two two machines as their main sound sources:

A Roland Jupiter 4, and a Roland System 100 (consisting of one model 101, two 
102s, and two 104s). All the drums were created on the System 100, with one of 
the 104 sequencers controlling the timing of the second one, with Ian Craig- 
Marsh modulating the sounds live.

An old Korg 770 was also used. 

To the best of my knowledge, the system 100m was only used (sparingly) during 
the making of the next album, Travalogue, and it was whilst the group was still 
putting together the size of 100m that they wanted, that the split up occured, 
and the 100m was accordingly split between Phil Oakey, and the other two. Phil 
still owns the half that he got, and in fact has greatly added to it, where as 
the other half (thirteen modules in three racks) was sold off, through a retail 
outlet (TSC) here in London, and was bought by Orbital a few years ago (before 
the prices started to rocket).

Believe it or not, Vince Clarke was so pleased with the production that Martin 
Ware did on one of Erasure's last albums, that he went out and bought Martin a 
System 100, as the original one had long since been sold off.

BTW....... did someone mention Our Daughters Wedding?  Boy, is that a name I 
haven't heard in a loooooooong time  :)

Oh, and whilst we're on the subject of fav albums, how about Dalek I, with 
their 1980 release Compass Kumpas. If you're looking for a few cheap and cheesy 
lead lines, then this will certainly put a smile on your face  ;)


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