[AH] fs: assorted eurorack modules / cases

From jon schatz
Sent Fri, Feb 15th 2008, 01:32

pictures at http://divisionbyzero.com/doepfer/

analogue systems:

rs-220 joystick (includes doepfer adapter cable, no asys cable) - $175


vcs (eurorack) - $175


a-179 light cv source - $80
a-197 analog meter (crack in the plastic cover and missing the screw  
that holds said cover on but the cover stays on its' own) - $80
a-143-2 quad adsr - $212
a-149-1 + 1-149-2 quantized/stored random voltages - $176
a-131 exponential vca - $76
a-180 multiples - $36
complete vocoder setup: a-129-1, a-129-2, 3 x a-129-3, a-129-4,  
a-129-5  - $900 (i only want to sell this as a set and i'm not 100%  
committed to getting rid of it)
2 x a-100-p portable cabinets - $425

analogue solutions:

sd-78 snare drum module - $100
asol bd-78 bass drum module - $100
asol bd-88 bass drum module - $110 (no cable included)
asol hh-88 high hat module - $110 (includes y cable to connect two  
modules to one ps)

all modules include power cables unless otherwise specified. paypal  
accepted. shipping via fedex in the usa, parcel post for the rest of  
the world. i'm located in the sf bay area. i've got good refs on  
analog heaven and on ebay (jonatdivisionbyzero). things i'd be  
interested in trading for/towards:

buchla stuff (yeah, right!)



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