Re: [AH] Modularz gone wild...

From Legion
Sent Mon, Jul 10th 2006, 22:44

> Hey nice set up  I'd be keen to know how you are running the bananas and
the 3.5mm jacks  together.. I am looking to run similar Serge and
Livewires/ Plan B / Doepfer

I am currently using a MOTM 940 Patch panel (on the bottom right hand side
of the banana setup). It's excellent but only has 6 banana connections,
I'd prefer at least 10 in a panel which woudl fit but no one makes it. 

I plan on making an interface with a blank Cyndustries panel specifically
for 1/8"<-> banana with a ground. Michael Ford at does all
sorts of custom patch panels at reasonabale prices as well. Last I spoke
with him me makes 19" patch panels with is an Excellent idea (I'll
probabaly get one of those too :) )

> If its not too much trouble could you list what you had there ,he says 
> drooling   :-P Do you have any fav Blacets?

I don't want to start a Size war on AH. If you really want to know
I'll send you info privately. As for favs, ALL the Cyndustries stuff I
have is amazing particulalry the Burst Generators (I'm using two in that
setup) the Randivide and the Triple Resonant and Synthacon Filters. The
screeching coming from the wiard joystick is the Synthacon killing a
Crappy Paia VCO :) I just got the modcan VectorJoystick and it is VERY
cool for mixing in a weird way. I think I have all outputs form the
3resonantfilter going into that in this patch, amazing variations in sound
in a very intuitive but unconventional interface.

Blacet is still one of my favorites for a number of reasons. I use his
4VCA mixer every patch and in this setup I'm uing a Binary Zone as
sequencer. I also dig the Miniwave and Klangwerk.

I'm using a Blacet/Cyndustries DarkStarChaos. I LOVE that module and the
CYn version is the best implementation of it IMO. 

> Also nice lamp :-)

heh. I am getting my Metalbox Wavemulitplier upgraded this week. I'm
surprised I didn't have a cat jumping through that hole. They love the


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