Re: [AH] opinions please: E/H freq. analyzer

From adsr
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<< Frankly, The EH pedal *sucks*!!  Bleed-thru is a real problem (as it was 
the original) and it just isn't very tonally interesting (to my ears)... 
Save a few extra $$ and buy a Blacet Klang Werk; IMHO it's the best ring mod 
currently available.

my .02

-robert >>

wow, I have both and they are totally different animals, I even sold one 
Freq. Anal. when the Klang Werk came out... thinking I wouldn't need it.  The 
2 Freq. analyzers I've had almost zero bleed-through. To me it's actually 
closer to the Doepfer Freq. Shifter sans the bleed-through.  BTW: the Klang 
Werk is probably the best ring mod... just the Freq Anal is something totally