Re: [AH] Plan B VCO reviews?

From Peter Grenader
Sent Wed, Jan 12th 2005, 22:00

16 units have shipped.

27 units have been built, the balance waiting for FETs still not received
form Mouser,  per my last update on the Plan B yahoogroup.

I hope to heck everyone who has purchased is a member of that group, because
this is the only place I'm posting updates.  This is why the group was
founded, so I didn't have to litter up people's in basket with multiple
postings on the Doepfer, Analogue Systems, AH, Gas Station and SDIY lists.

There are reviews from a couple of individuals on that list who have
received their VCOs.

I've also recently realized I'm not responding to personal requests for
statusas I should. This is my fault.  Go here:

This is screenshoot of my Outlook as of about 10 minutes ago.  Note the
number of UNREAD messages in my inbox. Pretty ugly, and it happened quick as
it was completely cleared out not 3 weeks ago.  Sorry if I missed any of
these, but this is why.

Listen - I am late.  Some of this was due to delays in getting the boards,
some was due to delays getting the faceplates back from the machine shop
that punched the holes in the faceplates, some due to part shortages.  Most
of the delay has to do with troubleshooting units once they were built.  But
- I work on it daily and I've been posting regular updates on the site,
which was addressing what I believed was the biggest (understandable)
complaint when the rash of letters came out on this list a few months back
regarding lead times - that the time wasn't the issue as much as not knowing
what the heck is going on.

There are late nights involved with this, trust me  There are also other
projects which I'm working on which I've had to timeshare on, custom units,
panels and systems and there are repairs.  A guy's gotta pay the rent when
the units are on hold for parts and I've only collected parts costs on Plan
B VCO sales. I'm posting a web page next week with some of the custom work
I've done, as some of these have been really interesting.

I've also got an open offer to release some of my music on a real-live
label.  All I have to do is complete the album!  I was initially putting
down the electronics on the weekends to do that, but for the last month I've
stopped that and have been doing soldering and troubleshooting instead.

I understand any and everyone's impatience.  I am two months late and that's
silly.  Please bare with me.  Not tyring to make exuses here, but I am
barring my soul!

- P