Re: [AH] The Serge Parting Out Sale

From Blake Wilson
Sent Wed, May 4th 2005, 19:33

At 7:35 PM -0700 5/3/05, Blake Wilson wrote:

a few folks have asked about this, so i though i'd briefly clarify:

as you know, these modules have pcb mounted power supply jacks, which 
a power cable plugs into on the board, and then the other end plugs 
into whatever power supply distribution system you have. on the pcb 
end, the power cable is *standard* on all modules. on the distro end, 
they are 3 pin custom molex connectors (i.e. blacet style; the blacet 
module's cable is not modified) which plug into my custom molex-based 
distro system. to use these modules, you can simply buy a new cable 
with standard plugs on both ends or wire them however you wish.

so, nothing was done to the module or the pcb itself...just the cable.



>  (note again: the non-Serge modules, below, are customized for 
>banana jacks and have non-standard power supply plugs, i.e. they 
>will not plug into your Doepfer or Blacet system in the condition 
>you receive them in.  Unless you buy a module with the Blacet power 
>supply and custom power distribution system shown here, you will 
>need to conform the power cable to your particular distribution 
>system, which is not difficult at all if you know what you are 
>doing, like I did when I converted them.)
>  Doepfer A-177 ($75 new): $50
>  Doepfer A-199 Spring Reverb ($129 new): $89
>  Analogue Systems RS-60 VC ADSR ($165 new): $110
>  Analogue Systems RS-30 Freq to Voltage/Env. Follower ($135 new): $89
>  Anlogue Systems RS-220 X-Y Controller Joystick ($229 new): $150
>  Blacet EG-1 (assembled from kit; kit is $135): $100
>  Blacet 500mA power supply and custom distro system $45 (includes FracRac)

blake wilson


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