Re: Roland System 100M

From haines
Sent Fri, Mar 17th 1995, 14:50

P Davis <xxxxxx@xxxxx.xx.xx> says:

>     While I'm here...  I've just seen a CS-01 going for 50 UK pounds... can
>anyone tell me anythng about this mono? Keyfax2 says it's pretty ordinary, but
>then it would....

Yeah, it's a nothing synth. 'Twas my first synth ever, I believe. It has
mini keys, about 1.5 octaves, and the basic lowpass/resonant filter, single
ADSR, single oscillator... No cv/gate input, a built-in speaker. Really
just a toy, and not neary as useful as the next step up, the CS-5. 50BPS
sounds a bit high to me. That description is from memory BTW.

Matt Haines

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