Advice on sequencers

From gstopp
Sent Wed, Oct 18th 1995, 23:24

     Hi all,
     I'm sure someone on either of these lists can enlighten me...
     The place I work at is liquidating all Mac's (we got a memo from our 
     parent company that all employees WILL standardize on PC/Windows 
     platforms!). Anyway I see this as a good opportunity to obtain another 
     sequencer platform to drive the MIDI-->CV converters for my analog 
     stuff (so there's my analog content HAH!).
     So what's the best sequencer/Mac setup, given the selection: SE 30 
     8Meg/100Meg w/ Radius tilt-o monitor, SE 30 same without Radius, IIsi, 
     IIci, IIcx, SE, Classic, Classic II.
     Just to make everybody really jealous the SE30's are $50, the II's are 
     $100, and the SE/Classic/Classic II's are $25. There's about a dozen 
     of each, they all have keyboards/mouses, and they all work. One per 
     employee so don't you get any ideas out there. We're having a lottery 
     on Monday for these but we do get to list our preferences in order.
     So - do I need slots? do I need a good power supply? is a serial port 
     good enough for a MOTU box or whatever? how about screen size? what's 
     the cool setup?
     My goal is cheap. I already have a Pentium/90 with 7 MIDI ins & outs 
     and Cakewalk Pro which is a very gnarly system. All I want is a slave 
     sequencer, not a master system. Any advice would be much appreciated. 
     Sorry about the binary content but I need to fill out the form today.
     - Gene