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I think we need to give these 'guys' a huge break.
One thing we must remember that has changed a lot in this second age of
modulars is the size of the companies producing them.  Before we had Arp,
Moog and Roland, three comparatively huge organizations, all equipped with
piles of resources dedicated to assembly, procurement, fulfillment, sales
and design.  Nowdays we've got small operations, many of which consist of
one or two people doing everything.  The largest of all of them all now,
Doepfer, has less than 10 people in their ranks.
The fact that releases are taking longer than some might wish is no surprise
to me at all.  But remember, it may just be a need for a status update to a
website, which is another item very long list these companies are working on
each day.
Bottom line, based on everything elee they need to work on, the fact that
they develop new devices at all is a miracle.>>

I agree with much that has been mentioned about giving the analog synth 
manufacturers some gratitude.
I appreciate each and every one of them.
Some of us show our gratitude by doing business with these vendors and 
praising outstanding products provided by this unique group of manufacturers.

BUT - another side to this is:
These instruments are sold directly from the manufacturer, people can't just 
walk into a music store, try it out and walk out with one of these.
Therefore, you have to spend _a lot_ of time researching the various vendors 
websites and gather all the information you can so you can decide which 
manufacturer you want to buy a system from.
Most people don't want a frankensynth, so you have to find a vendor that can 
provide the modules to complete (as much as possible) a system to fit your 
particular musical needs - whether they be professional needs or simply for 
hobbyist fun.
Unless we have a friend that has some of these instruments we can check out, 
we are completely at the mercy of the information provided at the vendors 
website, or the inquiries we make with the vendors.
This information is ALL we have to go on - including release dates for 

Since some of us on this list invest many thousands of dollars into the 
synthesizers of our dreams, I think we all deserve more accurate shipping time 
information and release dates for planned modules.
I love seeing information on new modules, but - if a manufacturer can't 
provide accurate release dates, then don't put ANY release dates at all.
Grossly inaccurate dates are misleading.
Some of you will say that manufacturers specifically state that these release 
dates are approximate, but if you don't even know _approximately_ "when" - 
don't put "when."

My 2Hz.


p.s. I've been out of the MOTM loop for a while, so did the MOTM CS-80 filter 
ever ship?