[AH] Modular prices

From Trip Lizard
Sent Thu, Dec 16th 2004, 23:29

Because I'm insane, I've been thinking about expanding my modular setup, 
which now consists of a Doepfer system and a hodgepodge of Blacet and Paia 
modules. Not that price is in any way near the primary consideration, but 
just for basic comparison I grabbed the prices of a basic VCO from each 
major system currently available (that I know of):

Paia (unassembled, dual VCO) $108
Doepfer: $129 ($252 high end with CEM)
Analogue Systems $184
Blacet (assembled) $250

1/4" or bananna:
Synthesizers.com $170
MOTM (assembled) $309 to $429
Modcam $330
Oakley $349

Metasonix $329
Wiard - special order only
Buchla $1400

The 1/8" stuff is all about the same price -- Blacet is a little higher, 
probably due to the more complex design and functionality (and smaller 
volume), I'd guess. The synthesizers.com seems like a real bargain for the 
1/4" stuff. (I'm not wild about the name -- again, not a huge consideration, 
but everything else being equal I'd rather not have ".com" on my modular...)

Are there any others I'm missing?

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