Re: Sequencers

From tmoravan
Sent Tue, Oct 15th 1996, 14:19

> >ARP 1613 sequencers, Exclusively Analogue sequencers, EML-400/401, CSQ-600,
> >Oberheim mini-sequencer (needs work), Akai ASQ-10, Simmons SDS-6, 
> >Tama TSQ-1000.
> Tom, 
> did you ever tried the MAQ 16/3 from Doepfer. I have one and it can do
> everything, Midi, CV/gate, controllers, ... Also you can do time shiftings
> between two knobs. It is a wonderful sequencer. 
I replied to the list even though Cord sent me the reply in private because I
thought it merited general discussion/comment.

Yes Cord, I have an MAQ 16/3 (ver. 3) sequencer and love it.  It's new, so I
forgot about it when I listed everything.  There are still things that the ARP
sequencer can do easily that the MAQ cannot.  For example, the classic effect
of speeding up the tempo of the last 3 or 4 notes in a 16 note sequence is
extremely easy to do with one row of the ARP.  I still have not figured out an
easy way to do it on the MAQ.  I think by using 2 rows and having one row 
control tempo it can be done, but....

On the other hand, the MAQ does lots of neat things that the ARP cannot touch.

Rogue is selling the MAQ's for under $1,000 US, which is a pretty good deal for
the amount of functionality you get.

Of course, you can also buy a 486 PC with Cakewalk for under $1,000, or an
MPC-60 used for about $1,000, so everything is relative.


Tom Moravansky