Doepfer MS-404

From Bad MoFo
Sent Sat, Jun 24th 1995, 19:51

>From a previous post:

>Doepfer MS404.  Has this been discussed here?
>     A one-rack-space non-programmable analog synth.
>         one VCO with Pulse/Sawtooth wave
>         one low-pass filter 24 dB (Moog ladder type) with resonance
>(up to self-oscillation)
>         one VCA with ADSR envelope generator
>         two LFOs
>         pulse width can be adjusted manually or by LFO1
>         extern audio in for filter
>         filter can be modulated by LFO2 or by white noise
>         LFO2 has a very broad range (up to 5kHz)
>         MIDI In & Thru
>         CV/Gate I/O
>         15 knobs and a few switches

I got a chance to play w/ one of these at Mr. Finn's.  I would have been
impressed w/ this little silver box (well, rack mount box) except for one

The filter is the WORST sounding analogue filter I've ever heard.  It
rivals the digital filters of the QuadraShit & Peavey SP in its extreme
lameness.  Turning the Resonance knob does nothing nothing nothing SQUEAL!
And that's a very unuseable squeal, too.  It may as well not have a Res

I only hope it's the sort of thing that could be fixed w/ a new resistor or
capacitor value.  It ruins an otherwise decent synth.

Why doesn't everyone have a Gate/Envelope switch on their VCA (like say, a
Roland Juno-106 or SH-101) so the envelope can be used for something more
useful.  It's too bad that these synths never seem to be designed by people
who actually use them, otherwise we might have more insanely great synths
like the Prophet VS.