Re: MKS-30 and others

From lithium
Sent Sat, Feb 10th 1996, 06:09

>>Also, the planet is not a digital
>>synth is it? Your first mail seemed to suggest that it was.
>No, it's analog. That is, it's mostly analog. Of course MIDI is digital.
>Any analogs with MIDI, like the MKS-10/30/80 then are analog/digital. What
>I was saying was that in those days the word digital was thrown in anywhere
>possible to make products somehow seem more technilogically advanced. The
>MKS-30 has analog oscillators, but tuning was digitally controlled. This
>was considered a good advantage from digitasl technology because VCO synths
>had a tendency to drift out of tune. I once was in the middle of a concert
>when my MiniMoog drifted about 150 cents out of pitch in the course of
>several minutes.
>........  ........
>....  Wanted: System-700, System-100m, D-50, JD-800 ....
The MKS-30 has the PG-200 controller pad. Now if it can receive info from
this, can it receive the same info via midi? It plugs into the front via din
plug and it would be so cool if it could accept this info via midi...


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