Re: [AH] Analogue gear depletion

From Kevin Lightner
Sent Wed, Feb 16th 2000, 07:03

>One will get to that....we will be sooo fond of our old 
>gear...we wont wanna give it up....and if we all feel the 
>same.....where are the parts gonna come from...

As the owner of a '67 Mustang, I can offer this answer: salvage and 
new manufacturing of old parts.

I can buy just about -anything- for some older classic cars like a Mustang.
Despite how horrible it might sound, some cars (and synths) ARE sold 
as parts and I think it's a good thing.
I've sold lots of parts from synths that in all reality would never play again.
  (I think Kyle Jarger has a CS80 that will vouch for me anyways :).

As synths die and get discarded as "unfixable", their parts will find 
their way into other broken synths.
I know this sounds very idealistic, but that's the way it often 
happens with all sorts of collectibles and antiques.
I also think that demand for parts will not become so great that 
people will start to dismantle otherwise good synths to sell for 
spare parts.
(Even Doepfer with their shortlived CEM quest or Studio Electronics 
previously dismantling Minimoogs didn't have much effect on real 
supply and demand, in my opinion.)