Re: Deal of the CENTURY

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Thu, Mar 19th 1998, 22:18

>  >  Hey there folks! I've been following the Deal of the
>  >  Century thread for a day or two now, and figured Id throw
>  >  my two cents in... first off, Im the one who got the deal..
>  >
>  >Loved your awe-inspiring story.  If it isn't too far off,
>  >would anyone else share their story of being in the right
>  >place at the right time?
>I like analogue synths (and digital ones too) but to be honest I don't
>_need_ them enough to pay the higher prices often demanded these days.

Have people experienced what I call "pre-purchase antici

pation frenzy" at all? The times when you first see something which you've
heard described as 'really, really good (and its of course it's vintaj
analogg)' advertised somewhere, think "I've *got* to have that!", call or
email about it, find it's _not_ been sold yet, haggle (sucessfully) and put
a (low) offer in, continue sucking up to the vendor, have your offer
accepted (you got there first!), smile inanely, sort out the money stuff,
organise the shipping, and then sit back and dream of that UPS knock at the
door 6 days later...

...and then suddenly the UPS guy's gone, and you are all alone with your
new dream machine! You plug it in to your mixer, push up the oscillator
levels, open the filter and whatnot, and start to play...

...and you realise it's actually a bit of a disappointment! :( That filter
you'd been lead to believe would peel paint at 30 yards sounds somewhat
weedy, there's not much bottom end, and the keyboard is crap, frankly. And
it smells really weird.

And before the month is out, you've discreetly removed any reference to
your new Rolorgaha MR-007 from the list of your cool analogue gear on your

Well, actually I haven't experienced that at all, but I've come close once
or twice! What's that they say about the chase being more satisfying than
the capture (or something)? The syndrome does tend to be accentuated, the
more you spend - I think I'd hospitalise myself if I'd spent 9 grand on a
Korg PS-3300, like Kevin's friend.. :-)

proud owner of some MS stuff and a Rolorgaha MR-007 (damn!)

p.s. saw a prehistoric Roland MP-600 Electronic Piano on sale today. 'Sbeen
a while since I saw one of those..