Re: [AH] Tips for sampling analogue synths?

From panflet
Sent Thu, Mar 17th 2005, 18:08

ITS SO annoying this is mac only!
there are some pc versions but i dont think they are anywhere as good as 
this one,gutted.

> On Mar 17, 2005, at 10:37 AM, Marcus Couto wrote:
>> I decided to sample some sounds of some of the analogue synths I have 
>> access to before they're gone.
> There is a cool utility called AutoSampler that will send MIDI data (use a 
> MIDI to CV if you need to) to your synth, and the audio output is sent 
> back into your computer. It automatically samples each key (or interval of 
> your choosing) and lays out the key maps for you.
> The resulting format is EXS24, but other programs may be able to convert 
> this format to the sample software of your choice.