Re: Rui Ho on Objects Ltd. - footwork

From Sham Beam
Sent Wed, Mar 28th 2018, 09:03

I'm always keen to hear a bit of footwork. Thanks for the Ja Ru tip. I'm 
listening now and am enjoying it.

JLin is too much for me. I've tried a couple of times but haven't got 
into it yet. I like how "Pariah" has got the beats but is a bit more 
restrained with the number of things going on.

On 28/03/2018 4:12 AM, kent williams wrote:
>  From one of my favorite labels right now Objects Ltd., the brainchild 
> of Lara Rix Paradinas.  She has stated the mission of the label to be to 
> promote music by "women & non-binary artists." Which makes it a good 
> place to hear things a bit rotated out of the normal.
> What Rui Ho sounds like to me, surprisingly or not, is Mike Paradinas's 
> early work. Lush synths, distorted drums, but everything has a sheen of 
> distortion from the subtle to the outre. Her harmonic palette seems to 
> be tuned to the 'black keys' pentatonic sounds, which is always 
> serviceable and consonant, but she finds ways to push the familiar into 
> the strange.
> Everything on Objects is worthy, but Ja Ru's "Pariah" is in particular a 
> real game-changer both for the label and for Chicago footwork.  I know 
> footwork isn't super-popular on this list, but if you've not liked it in 
> general, this may be the album to change your mind.  I like JLin a lot, 
> but Jana's stuff I think might be more fully realized music than most of 
> Jlin's.

Sham Beam