Re: [AH] back again. questions about Arp 2600 vs. die neue modulars...

From Tim Parkhurst
Sent Fri, Jan 5th 2007, 00:05

On 1/4/07, Todd Sines <> wrote:
> hello everyone, I think this is the 20th time I've resubscribed to AH.
> I am contemplating selling my Arp 2600 [fair condition, 4 broken
> sliders, tolex in ok shape, but sounds good] and in turn, purchasing
> some new modular stuff. I am not looking for an end-all solution, but
> rather, a collection of modules that will allow me to just make weird
> sounds..
> Minimum modular list would be 2x VCOs, 1 multi-mode filter [leaning
> towards filter], Envelope Generator, MIDI-CV input,
> VCA and then some weird stuff...
> in the analogue realm, I still have the trusty SH-101, Yamaha CS-15,
> 2 x Univox Minikorg II / 700S, and an Oberheim Matrix-1000. I am not
> looking to replace the synthesis had by those units with a modular
> doing the same thing. However, I do want to do things like wave-
> shaping [PPG-wave type stuff?] and more obscure filters, possibly a
> frequency shifter [didn't someone reissue a Bode Frequency Shifter a
> few years back?]
> I think with the sale of the 2600, I could justify purchasing some
> modular gear. I'm apprehensive, though, and I'd like to hear your
> side of equation and what you might recommend.

Hi Todd,

This is just my opinion, but personally I'd sell that other stuff you
have and keep the 2600. Then, use the cash to buy a few things like a
Blacet Mini-Wave or some of the various Doepfer modules mentioned.
With the 2600, you've already got a pretty good set of gear (although
it sounds like you may need to put a few bucks into some repair bits
and pieces). Again, this is just my opinion, especially since I'm an
ARP freak.

Tim (could use a few repair bits too) Servo
"Imagination is more important than knowledge." - Albert Einstein