(idm) [idm] re: Al-Naafiysh availability

From objet
Sent Mon, Jul 12th 1999, 06:00


> >> > Al-Naafiysh(the soul) - HASHIM etc. etc. etc.
> I can't find this track on any of the electro compilations.I have the Street
> >> Jams: Electro Funk Parts 1-3(Rhino)

I think this Hashim track is readily available on Tommy Boy's "Perfect
Beats" compilation. I don't know which volume, but get 'em all, they're
essential. Warning, tho -- "Perfect Beats" is NOT to be confused with
Tommy Boy's "Greatest Beats" collection, a rather mediocre hip hop

I know for certain that "Al-Naafiysh" is on "Classic Electro Mastercuts
vol.1," put out in the UK by Beechwood Music, cat #CUTSCD19.
Recommended, as it also features the 12" dub mix of a lesser known gem
of early UK electro, Newtrament's "London Bridge Is Falling Down".