Re: Serge TKB vs. Seq modules

From eboyz
Sent Sun, Feb 15th 1998, 07:49

this is a bit DIY related. i am only cross posting because  i think it is
applicable.  i talked to Paul Schreiber of Synthesis Technology for over an hour
today about his MOTM modules.  they are going to start shipping in less than a
month. this is the modular for those of us who want a modular and can't afford the
newer lines - doepfer, serge, technosaurus etc.  the modules are "kits" that are
very complete.  he is going to the extent that the leads will be stripped and
tinned. it will not take much electronic experience to assemble these kits. the
first set will be CV signal effects and a power supply.  he told me his intention
was to build modules that would be better than any of the vintage and new systems.
i think they will be worth checking out. he has plans for some truly kick ass
modules.  i have dealt with paul on a couple of other occasions and he has always
delivered as promised.  i know i will be willing to assemble kits for those of you
who don't want to do that. i hope this may add some excitement on the modular hunt
many of us seem to be on.


Robert Verberkmoes wrote:

> OK... a question for those of you with hands-on experience with the Serge TKB ;
> -I am seriously considering the purchase of a small Serge system.  I've
> weighed the advantages/disadvantages of the TKB as compared to a group of
> smaller sequencer modules and, say, a couple of Dual Universal Slope
> Generators.  It seems to me that a couple 6 or 7 step sequencer modules in
> tandem would, in the long run, be more flexible than the TKB. Maybe I'm
> missing something here.... Any opinions would be appreciated, as this is a
> pretty big decision money-wise....
> TIA,
> -robert

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