Re: re:[AH] Doepfer expansion?!

From toby boudreaux
Sent Sat, May 29th 1999, 14:09

the advice many ahers ave me was to get the a100nt12 power supply and an
a100bus bus board and build my own case- this could work for an expansion as

then maybe the bus access module? is that needed here?
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Date: Saturday, May 29, 1999 1:21 AM
Subject: re:[AH] Doepfer expansion?!

>> can anyone with Doepfer Modular tell me how  i can expand a Basissystem
>> with
>> other modules from Doepfer .
>> Do i have to buy another PS and case, if i  liked  to add 2 or 3 modules
>> to a fully equipped Doepfer A-100 Case?
>> thanks
>> Zsolt
>yes, you pretty much figured it out (get another case, the PS comes with
>there are a few other options to consider.
>1. Doepfer sells a A-100MPS Miniature bus board for up to 4 modules.
>(12V AC adaptor is needed) but you have to build something to put it in
>2.After looking at your power needs, it might be possible to build some
>kind of small expansion chassis tapping into the existing one.
>3. Sell or temporarily put away some modules you don't use and put new
>ones in its place.
>The basissystem is just a pre-chosen set of modules. Its totally alterable.
>nick kent