Re: Doepfer modular - maq prices (fwd)

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

> >As I already told you, I will happily support any AH member, as I am
> >here in Germany and can get them for around 850$ here.
> >The stry about the big one is true. I saw it already. Wait for it
> >until summer.
> Is that $850 as in US $850?  If not, would you happen to know the conversion 
> rate these days?

1$ is currently aprox 1.36 DM.
The MAQ listes with aprox. 1149.-DM (from my mind)
That's 845$. Expect about 40$ at least for shipping. I got one for one
AH member and shipped it for that price. If you are verry keen on it
and want it with airmail, it's verry expensive and about 95$ !
I now know how to make Doepfer get me even original english manuals.

> How would this work, I send you the cash and you front end the purchase?
If you're not going to resell mass quantities in the USA and make me
export whole containers of them, I can do this. At least the first
AH members who want one will get them until I am too anoyed of doing that.
I even can raise my offer into unbelievable high ranges, listen :

I'll be in the US in 4 weeks.
I could pick them up and send them to you in the US cheap and fast.
transfering the cash to me would be easy as well. BUT,
BUT !!!
If you are interested in that, than decide until middle of the next week.
This units are still quite rare, as they are only producing small quantities
compared to the huge demand. They told me that they are afraid of rising
their output too much, because they fear the market might also decrease.
So I should order them early, to get them to you smooth.

especially you are lucky,
I'll stay in chicago and if you like to invite me to your studio, I even
may set it up personally for you. Buyers from NY, LA,SF may expect
the same.
BTW: If I can afford the time I'll also like to visit any else AH member
in the above cities (forgot Mineapolis, sorry fEEd) or anywhere else.
BTWBTW: Anything else from doepfer, like the Modular A100, could be
also carried with me, as long as my wheight limit of 64Kg isn't


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