Re: Doepfer Madness !

From Timothy Pasch
Sent Mon, Oct 9th 1995, 16:09

        What is the MSQ 100- is it a Midi-cv interface? Otherwise, I have 
many things to say about Doepfer products. When I was in Paris last 
month, I visited the analog expert there, a guy named Angel Freddy. He 
runs his shop stock full of all the european analogs that he can find and 
he is the exclusive french distributor for the german company. While 
there he showed me the analog sequencer, and after having worked with the 
ARP sequencer I can say that the two are very similar. (in function, not 
design). I also played with the new one-rack unit analog synth (the 404 I 
believe) which has a unique sound but not enough to really impress me, 
also the midi implementation was nothing spectacular. While there I 
really had a treat looking at all of his archives- saw Jupiter 4, Ms-20, 
Mono-Poly, Odyssey, bits of modulars and the prototype for his new TB-303 
module. (it seems that everybody is emulating them now, but his uses the 
exact same architecture as the original- I'll believe it when I hear it.) 
        If you are ever in France, I highly suggest that you stop in and 
see him- its near the the Moulin Rouge Cabaret and you'll have a great 
time in that cave of delights!

                Tim Pasch