Re: [AH] Driving quad CV unit - midi problem

From polykobol
Sent Mon, Apr 28th 2008, 06:41

2008/4/28, Paul Perry <>:
>  Does anyone know of an existing 'magic box' that will do the midi magic, in
>  this case what I need in order to drive the Frostwave Quad MIDI-CV is,
>  something that takes polyphonic midi input on a single channel & outputs the
>  notes monophonically on four adjacent channels.

Actually, most multichannel MIDI->CV-converters will do this (except
yours then ;). Encore Expressionist, Kenton Pro 4, Doepfer MCV-24 and
Roland MPU-101 are some examples. I'm sure some modular ones will do
it too.

The Expressionist is still in production, and IMHO it's the no 1