(idm) Last call: Blech tape!

From Britton James
Sent Sun, Oct 19th 1997, 18:56

> > while back (about year or os) Warp records released a mix tape
> > > >>> called BLECH (cat WARP40).
> > There's a tape release of Blech that came out about two years ago (I
> > think). It was a DJ mix by Strictly Kev and PC of Ninja Tune.
> I have six of the Blech (Warp40) tapes. I'd love to trade these for things you
> all have to trade. I'm looking for exotic vinyl and CDs, especially Scam stuff,
> but I'll entertain any ideas. Panasonic, Photek, Mille Plateau, Microstoria.
> Marginalia.It's a great tape (one copy of which I'll keep, of course), and my
> copies are brand new, though not wrapped. Also looking for certain Krautrock
> titles. Tape includes AFX, Autechre, Seefeel, Plaid, LFO, B 12, Richard Kirk,
> Polygon Window. 20 cuts in all. Japanese graphics, of course.
> Charlie James

I've gotten several offers for the Blech tapes, and this is last call, for anyone
who may have missed it first time around,