Question and FS

From djhaley
Sent Thu, Oct 26th 1995, 20:47

Hi all,

I am having my ARP2600 refurbed and modified, and have been looking at adding
an  analogue sequencer to round out this vintage piece.  I have heard of ARP
sequencers selling for ~$650 USD, but am told that I should check out the
Doepfer MAQ 3/16.  My question is using the MAQ, can you use the control
voltage out as audio, (like the ARP Sequencer) to create a digital waveform
from the sequencer settings?

This is not killer important, just wondering if it is possible.

Second, I have a Roland MSQ 700 Sequencer that I have posted on RMMM for
sale.  I have had a couple of responses, and the question; Can you use the
MSQ 700 as a MIDI to DCB converter for use with Juno-60/Jupiter 8 etc...?  I
know that you can sequence both DCB and MIDI together, but do not know if
there is a DCB echo of the MIDI input.  Can anybody point me in the direction
of an answer on this one.

Last but not least, I have a Matrix-6 for sale at $395 USD +S&H.  Hope that
posting this doesn't break the rules, just thought it would be of interest to
this group.

Take Care,