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Sent Thu, Dec 21st 1995, 18:40

Well thanks for the VERY useful info people posted about the 100/100M/700 
issue I posed.  I hope the resultant posts get put in MM.  They could be 
helpful for future reference.  Who the hell is maintaining MM BTW?  Is it 
still Mike P or is it Rob?

Sorry for being out of line with the P5 flame.  I was just frustrated 
with DPRO5's answer and wanted some more info.  I suppose I could've gone 
about it in a better way but we've made up so I'm sorry if the list has 
suffered because of me.

BTW a few more Q's about the System X00 gear.  What's the average street 
price for the 101/102 System 100 combo?  What would one expect to pay for 
the System 700 banks.  About how many System 100's and System 700's were 
in production?  Yeah like I could EVER afford a System 700  and even if I 
could would I be crazy enough to PAY that much?  But curiosity strikes.

One more thing.  I am getting ready to put up a fairly nice gallery of 
gear on my web pages but I'd also like to provide some useful info about 
the gear therein.  What sorts of info would people find useful?  I was 
thinking about putting things up like the patch books I have for the 
System 100 and the 2600 etc.  Any other suggestions?

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