[AH] misc for sale

From ahlist
Sent Tue, Aug 5th 2008, 20:46

I have the following to sell. No prices yet. Just things I may
eventually put on ebay when I have the time. Would prefer to sell on
AH. Make offers if interested.

jx8p + pg800
evolver desktop with box and docs
korg esx1 with box and docs
korg emx1 with box and d ocs
korg ea1 mkII with box and docs
ensoniq sq80
korg ms20 with original box - average condition
mc303 x2 (no idea where i got two of these from)
yamaha an200 (no box)
nord lead 1 (with 2.0 expansion - extra voices, etc)
nord 2x rack (can't decide to keep the rack or the lead 1)
future retro revolution (with box, manuals)
roland rs202
roland sh2 (with original box)
mam map1 arpeggiator
jp8000 (lowest C sharp key does not sound)

Looking for:

monomachine desktop or keyboard
mint tr909 or tr808 (must include original boxes, etc.)
system 100m
vermona stuff
modular stuff

Located in USA