The Caretaker: Everywhere At The End Of Time

From kent williams
Sent Thu, Sep 20th 2018, 19:50

He's put up the 5th part of this project -- the 6th is due in March 2019

If you don't know about this, this project is based on the idea of
dementia; it is based on treated loops of old 78 RPM dancehall
records. Over the course of 5 hours (so far), the tracks become more
fractured and murky.  It plays the physical deterioration of old 78
RPM records against the mental deterioration of a person with

It feels like a compassionate work somehow. There's a warmth and
sweetness to the tracks, even as they get really disorganized and
chaotic towards the end. Having spent time with relatives experiencing
dementia, they feel honest.  20 years ago, Kirby was a snotty punk out
to burn bridges and take the piss out of everybody and everything.
This is a mature work, which explores a more thoughtful and honest
approach to degradation and destruction.

I've actually put it on at work and listened to it beginning to end
while working, and it manages to be soothing and devastating at the
same time.