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>>Has anyone here bought any gear from Music Central ( ?
>>Do you have anything good or bad to say about this company  ?
>I have known Jon Mika (the owner) for years, and I can say that without
>a doubt he and Music Central can be trusted 100%.  Jon will not only get you
>the best deal, but he will work with you to make sure you get what you want
>and that it works they way you want it.
>                     Rob Williams</>fEEd</>Tempest
>      </>

having spent enough money at music central since April to put myself onto
the board of directors at Visa (and keep my photo hanging in the cubicles
at several collection agencies), i would heartily second rob's opinion.
not only does mr. mika have an amazingly cool store (i feel like a kid
hanging out in an arcade when i'm there, much to his chagrin, i'm sure...)
but he's gone the extra mile for me on several ocassions (making sure i've
gotten some extras for my k5000, or helping me actually repair somethings
when some of my doepfer gear got ill).  his prices really are the best,
plus he's an excellent resource for info about equipment old an new.

my two cents (don't tell Visa i have them, though...)