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Sent Mon, Nov 13th 1995, 11:07

On Sat, 11 Nov 1995, James Richardson wrote:

> The latest edition of "The Mix", published here in the UK includes
> a lengthy (well, 5 pages) review of the Doepfer A-100 Modular system
> written by Peter Forrest, author of the "A-Z of Analogue Synths".
> Oh, and by the way, the magazine also has a good article on Theremins.

Also, there's a pretty lengthy review of the `909 - describing it's 
operation, quirks etc. The cover-mounted CD contains shitloads of 909 
samples (over 10 minutes worth) with different tunings, attacks, decays, 
etc. etc.

If you can't find a 909, I would expect that this CD (+ a sampler ;-) ) 
would be a *fairly* good replacement (although not as good as the real 
thing blah blah blah...)

<I don't think that this mag is available in the U.S. tho'>


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