Re: [AH] jomox-xbase vs. machinedrum!!! what the...???

From Fierce Fish
Sent Fri, Aug 27th 2004, 19:51

One thing to bear in mind when dissing Techno - There would be no new
analogue synths from such luminaries as Future Retro, JoMoX, Doepfer, AS,
MOTM, and all the other countless great companies that have emerged from the
Techno revolution. Because, face it the heady days of Prog Rock are passed
and are merely a chapter in history, the analogue revival owes Techno - big

As ppl have already pointed out real Techno (which clearly IS music) is not
at all about shitty euro pop, it is foreward thinking, yet acknowledges the
past, is sometimes dance music, sometimes totally undanceable, and often
very complex. Some of the best and most unique sounds ever to come from
analogue synths were created by Techno producers, and most pride themselves
on never using presets and their skill at getting their sound.

If Scooter or The Prodigy are the only Techno you have heard then frankly
you have never heard Techno, do your homework before making sweeping
statements, you never know you might even like it. Artists to check out
include but are not limited to:

Model 500
Future Sound of London
Aphex Twin
Larry Heard

Those are a small cross section of what is a very large and often misused
term, and sadly it is ignorant ppl that label trash like Scooter as Techno
and instantly dismiss it as crap, that are "guilty". I love many different
styles of music from pop to jazz to opera to classical to hiphop, house, etc
and yet in any of those genres I'd say 95% does not appeal to me, but how
glad I am that I decided  not ignore the other 5% and label it as