offer: TripleDAT FS

From Stefan Gruhl
Sent Sun, Apr 30th 1995, 14:19

I did offer a few AH members to bring them some Doepfer gear cheaper to the US.

When I talked to Batz Goodfortune about the remix I am currently doing, I
learned that he is currently going to buy another german product, the
TripleDAT sytem. I will get one for him cheaper as well. I am in no way
related to the Creamware Company, so I have no personal interst in selling
it to anybody. But if maybe anyone is interested in it and wants one, I
could also bringit with me, as it is verry small and light.

I personally also have one and use it now for over 2 years.

short information for anyone else, who never had heard of it, to
limit bandwidth for question, like what does it do, or how much is it.

It's a PC based Hardiskrecoring system, cheaper than Session8.

You get a usual PC card and some software and some adaptors.
The trick is, that the card only has DIGITAL in and outs. So
no real converter is delivered. You use your DAT for converting to/from
analog. So you get superb quality compared to every computer based AD
converter. The card is capable of simply copiing the digital DAT stream
to the disk.
MINUS: only one (second pair optional) stereo channel recordable, so
no multitrack HD.
PLUS: cheap, perfect quality
the output is both, digital for an external converter (as in your DAT)
and also a mini audio out, for being able to use the audio out through
some FX or your mixer and simultaniously record on your DAT recorder.
the output of several (256 I guess) channels is possible. Realtime
digital mix (with clipping control and soft smooth fade in and out
possible) is dependent of your PC power. I do usually 3 stereo tracks.
A pentium does up to 7 tracks real time. Otherwise you may precalculate
a mixdown track also.
the card with the standart software is 1298DM I think. (950$)
the advanced software is with the card 1998 DM. (1450$)
The advanced SW is what I use. I has better handling and several
extra functions like DSP FX's (all you know from you Quadraverb eg)f

Also the whole card has midi in out for syncing the whole thing.
Also a sw sequencer may run simultaniously and sync the HD recording
tracks with it. I haven't tried that out though, as I still use my
atari for sequencing. But I'll switch now, soon.

So you also may use it as a usual MIDI card for your PC.
You can start HD tracks on midi notes as well, if you define events for them.

Finally I'll explain why it is called TRIPPLE DAT. The first use is to
use the DAT itself, second you may use it as a HD recording system and third:
it's also a DAT streamer. there's also a remote control added to the card
(either a plug for the DA30, eg., or a IR emitter for remoting consumer
DAT's like my SONY crappy box) via software you simply install your
DAT drive. (all present I think).
then you can also backup your HD onto a DAT tape. I managed to get
5 backups on one DAT tape (2 hrs) with aprox 400 MB each.
200MB were recorded in about 20 mins. So you get a cheap DAT streamer
as well.

The possibility to load samples into memory and trigger them via midi notes
(velocity sensitive) replaced a sampler for me until now. I'll buy one
hopefully soon as it is no REAL sampler of course, but it has it's 
little qualities as well.

If you perhaps have to trade for it, I would be happy. If not, 
I also just may get it for you for free.


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