[AH] CR-78 sync from MIDI

From enmach
Sent Sat, Jan 17th 2004, 00:17

Here's an imperfect solution that avoids the expense of the  kits and custom shops:

Connect your MIDI Out to the MIDI In on the Doepfer MSY-2 (that's what I'm using, maybe you've got a similar device).

Connect the Clock Out from the MSY to the TS-1 Input on the CR.

Make sure that DIP 4 on the MSY is in the OPEN position - all the other DIPs are tilted toward their respective number labels.  Apparently, this little collection of switches forms a clock divider.

Start your MIDI source.  Start the CR.  Or vice versa.  This is the one flaw of this set up - it does not provide Start and Stop pulses.

The CR should follow changes in the bpm of your MIDI source.  At least it followed my twiddling the tempo on the DR-660.

Hope this helps someone somewhere sometime.

NEXT:  how to program the CR's enormous four pattern memory without having to find a TS-1 or WS-1 switch (good luck).  When I get to it...