[AH] FS: 72 point 1/8" custom patchbay

From vze3ptqs
Sent Sat, Nov 22nd 2003, 01:10

I have a custom bay that was originally designed to be used with my Kenton 
Pro-4 along with my 2600 and Doepfer gear.  It was designed to bring the back 
panel Pro-4 outputs to more convenient front panel outputs, along with 
multiple multiples.  It is a single space black steel panel with 2 rows of 36 
1/8" jacks.  The first 16x2 are wired to a 3' fan-out of 17 labeled 1/8" jacks 
for use with the Pro-4.  The front panel jacks are CVA x2, CVB x2, CVC, CVD, 
GateA x2, GateB x2, Gate C, Gate D, Aux outs 1-8 x2, Arp x4, followed by 8 4-
way mults and 1 8-way mult.  All patch points are clearly labeled by a 
professionally etched panel.  The wiring is impeccably done by the best in the 
business.  Sorry, I have no pictures.

Please make me an offer.