(idm) feedback monitor: playlist for jan 26/99

From Greg Clow
Sent Tue, Feb 2nd 1999, 04:44

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                            [ feedback monitor ]

                  playlist for tuesday, january 26th, 1999
                             10 PM to midnight

                        [C] denotes Canadian artist


  ARTIST           TITLE               ALBUM                LABEL

  Cassius          "99 (DJ tool mix)"  99 12"               Virgin

                                       No Approval Needed
  Radius       [C] "Oscillation"       7: Please Rewind &   Broken
                                       Play Again           Note/WE

  Torley Wong  [C] "Chinese Rock"      techno [TM]          indie

  M-Tec            "Ryth"              Data-Life            Pitch Cadet

  Coldcut          "The Tale of Miss   Let Us Replay!       Ninja Tune
                   Virginia Epitome"

  Massive          "Inertia Creeps
  Attack           (State of Bengal    Inertia Creeps 12"   Virgin

  Kitta            "Communication      Out of Perspective   Soup Disk
                   Network"            [compilation]

  Mocean           "Counts, Dukes &    Mixed Emotional
  Worker           Strays"             Features             Palm Pictures

  Sly & Robbie     "High Voltage       Drum & Bass Strip    Palm Pictures
  w/ Howie B.      Syndrome"           to the Bone

  Autechre         "Drane"             Peel Session EP      Warp

  Boards of        "Aquarius
  Canada           (version 3)"        Peel Session EP      Warp

  The Black
  Dog              "Simperton"         Peel Session EP      Warp

  Gavin                                Fly me to Brasil
  Froome       [C] "The 8th Hour"      12"                  Nordic Trax

  Richard                              Direct Incidental
  Chartier         "Compakt Lo"        Conaequential        Intransitive

  Ekko         [C] "Call of the        Centripetal          Interchill

  Electric         "Three Thousand     Unleashing the
  Bird Noise       and Two"            Inner Robot          Artfag

  Dogon            "The Seer Mix"      Redunjusta           New Dog


upcoming shows & related events: 

tuesday, february 2:
It's the third anniversary of feedback monitor, and joining me in the
studio will be members of the various acts playing at the feedback
monitor third anniversary party (see below for more info). I'll also be
giving away passes  to the anniversary party, as well as the Solvent &
Lowfish show at The Music Gallery on February 6.

wednesday, february 3:
I'll be doing a live dark ambient set opening for Mara's Torment, Walls of
Jericho and Ariel at Lee's Palace, 529 Bloor St. West, Toronto.

thursday, february 4 & friday, february 5:
The feedback monitor third anniversary party - two nights of live
electronic music at Clinton's, 693 Bloor St. West, Toronto. Visit
http://www.stainedproductions.com/feedback/party for more info.

tuesday, february 9: 
I'll be off on in sunny California for a week, so Lithium from Synaptic
Paradox will be filling in.

friday, february 12:
I will probably be doing a DJ set on Riders of the Plastic Groove, an
electronic music show heard Fridays from 9 PM to midnight on KUCI 88.9
FM in Irvine, CA. Visit http://www.kuci.org for more info or to tune in

tuesday, february 16:
It's looking very, very likely that Ninja Tune recording artist Funki 
Porcini will be coming by for an on-air interview in anticipation of the 
late March release of his new album. 

t.b.c. (probably late february): 
Peter Grove aka Sunkissed (Woodwork Recordings) will be coming in to
chat and to present a live set of his sweet tech-house sounds.


feedback monitor is a weekly radio show on CIUT 89.5 FM in Toronto, Ontario,
Canada featuring mainly new releases in electronic and experimental music: 
techno, ambient, trip-hop, drum'n'bass, dark ambient, noise and more. CIUT 
is one of North America's largest community radio stations, broadcasting 
at 15,000 watts with a listening range that covers much of southern Ontario 
and western New York, and over the Internet at http://www.ciut.utoronto.ca

The host/programmer of feedback monitor, Greg Clow, is the electronic &
experimental music editor at the national Canadian music magazine Chart
(http://www.chartnet.com), and along with Sheryl Kirby, he runs the multi-
media partnership Stained Productions (http://www.stainedproductions.com).

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