Re: [AH] new tracky thing...

From Mike Peake
Sent Sun, Feb 15th 2004, 00:59

At 3:53 PM -0800 2/14/04, Brandon Daniel wrote:
>I discovered on Thursday that the girlfriend's gift wouldn't arrive until
>next week sometime, and she's been bugging me ever since we started dating
>to write her a song (it's also our five year anniversary this weekend), so
>I threw this together in a day or so.

Geez, better hope that she doesn't read "a day or so"
and "threw this together"! :-)



>808 drums, and an extra snare from my airbase
>nord micromodular vocoder
>Asys/Doepfer being driven by two frostwave fat controllers
>Oasys PCI for effects, the chord stab and mixing
>Novation Vstation VSTi for the arpeggio of that chord
>MS20 doing the noisy sound effect thing
>Don't mind the lyrics, they're just stupid inside jokes.
>///Misty on the glass now, Rusty on the door//
>//Here for years now, Click-click drone//////