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From Mark Pulver
Sent Sun, Apr 12th 1998, 19:53

rw (08:51 AM 4/12/98) wrote:

>On Sun, 12 Apr 1998 13:37:28 -0500,
> wrote...
>>Nope, this price is outrageous. 
>I dunno. All of the ones I have seen for sale have been for $1k or more,
>except the one I bought of course. 8)  I'd say $1k for a MS50 is far from 
>outrageous taking in the functionality, sound and rareness of it.

I guess we'd get into a discussion about perceived value and personal worth
and all. But if they're really going for that then I obviously stand

I may of just gotten old, or that week off of AH jadded my judgement, but I
REALLY don't see how this box can be worth $1k

>>The MS-50 was originally sold as an add-on for the MS-10 and -20. It's a
>>VCO, VCF and VCA with a pair of ADSRs. There's a ring modulator in there as
>>well, and a tracking generator. The meter better be solid gold for someone
>>to pay this price.
>Actually, its quite a bit mroe than that.
>... (module list deleted)
>Now with what other modulars can you get all that for $1k? Very few.

Even with Doepfer's prices on their German site, converting to US and
adding the VAT, I can spend under $1k and get more functionality. I will
contest that I left out things that I personally wouldn't use like the
headphone amp, meter, and the trigger switch. But what I end up with is a
system with:

                VCO, mmode VCF, VCA (aren't you double counting the RingMod on the 
                MS-50 as a second VCA?), Dual ADSR, Dual Gate Delays, Dual LFOs, 
                Dual RingMods, Clock Divider, Mixer, Noise/Rnd, Dual S&H, mults,
                power supply

Which, before adding VAT, the long wait, and local $$$ issues, comes out to
about 1345 DM, or US $750. Even if this climbs to US $1200 by the time it
gets to my door, I still end up with much more system than is in the MS-50.

>For a full review check out:
>...(link deleted 'cause Eudora mashed it)
>Its done by some guy named fEEd at the U of Minnesota.  Great manual quote
>his sig too:

Ahh... the days of multiple personalities... :)

>>For $1000 you can get a Doepfer system with a lot more power. :)
>Good luck.  Besides, "power" isnt everything.  There is a little thing
>"sound" that might come into play.  If you want a MS50, dont buy a Doepfer 
>imo.  And vice-versa for that matter.


:) sorry... I had to... :)

Anyway... You know that I agree about paying for sound versus power and I
suspect that the filter in the MS-50 is the wonderful smooth one that I
love in the MP, but my God, if they're really going for $1k, then people
need to get a grip. My personal opinion (flame suit on :) is that I
wouldn't pay much more than $500 for the box. There's a limit - in this
case - to what I would pay for the sound.

I'm not really trying to start a war, although I may of. 

Must be the Guns 'N Roses that's on the ray-did-eee-ooo here... :) Nothing
like a little "November Rain"... Scream it Axel! :)

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