Re: [AH] hints with tracking generators

From Andrew Scheidler
Sent Wed, Oct 22nd 2003, 19:09

Unfortunately the mod source list does not include the VCOs.  Most of
the control/modulation in the Xpander is software, which overwhelms its

I think somebody makes a TG module.  Doepfer?

At one point I was trying to make "barber pole" type effects using the
"master" LFO (the one that all the voices share) and the TGs.   Using
four voices with TGs set as follows:
V1: 00 15 31 45 63
V2: 15 31 45 63 00
V3: 31 45 63 00 15
V4: 45 63 00 15 31

and then have each TG mod something like the VCF (in Phase mode for
example) as well as the VCA to fade each voice in and out at the proper
1/4 of the time.

Need to play with that some more...


>>> "john mahoney" <> 10/22/03 11:45 AM >>>
> Every synth should have Tracking Generators.

This is the first time I've heard of them.

> Set one at 0 63 0 63 0 and run a triangle LFO thru it.  The output
> be a new LFO running at double speed.

Since you can do that, can you also run a VCO (audio frequency) through
to get FM effects?