Re: modular patch cords

From Mark Pulver
Sent Mon, Aug 10th 1998, 16:35 (10:10 AM 8/10/98) wrote:

>I love patch cords.  I love looking at them, touching them, plugging them in,
>unplugging them, putting them on the floor and rolling around on them (just
>kidding on that one), wearing them around while patching, getting my watch
>caught on them in a tweaking frenzy (I need a smoother watch), putting big,
>plastic spiders in the really crowded areas, tracking down the glitchy
ones; I
>love them!
>It's part of the analog ritual!
>My Moog and ARP look positively naked with no patch cords in them.  Once they
>are filled up, they are dressed up and ready to go!

I tend to agree... BUT! :)

When Ric Miller and I started to work out what modules would be in my ARF
machine, we got sidetracked in how to deal with patch cords... Since Ric
was basically doing everything custom, it was VERY cool to be able to
define this on the fly. 

We ended up deciding to use bananna jacks and have ALL of the jacks on the
left side of the modules,

This proved out to be WONDERFUL.

When I've had something cranking on the Moog or ARP, I do agree that
there's nothing like haveing cords all over the place. I too wear them
around while patching, and with banana's, 1/8's and 1/4's all happening at
once, things can get interesting. Pets hide, children cry... :)

The downside of this, and I think this is what Juergen is really talking
about, is that it's a NIGHTMARE to try to work through in order to change.
The Doepfer setup is even worse because of the close proximity of the
controls to the jacks, and EVERYTHING on those panels is tight.

It's one thing to patch out a Moog system, the Doepfer is something else

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