[AH] Gearhead w*nkpix

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Sat, Jan 16th 1999, 19:06

Following on from my Evil Trader posting a few weeks ago (I was sold a
modded synth, but not told about it, and couldn't get it to work properly,
blah blah), here are some gearhead-style oliaginously close-up pics of the
offending article, a Korg PS-3200. I must say they're actually rather good,
courtesy of my new Fujifilm MX-700:

While we're on the subject of gear, here's my list:

Emu Modular
Moog System 55
Roland System 700
Roland System 100M
Roland System 100
Korg PS3300/3200/3100
Korg MS-50 x 3
Yamaha GX-1
Yamaha CS-80 x 4
Synton Syrinx Deluxe
Arp 2200
Arp 2600 Green Meanie