Re: my vintage list

From Fernando Zarone
Sent Tue, Feb 4th 1997, 15:04

MY NAME : Fernando Zarone - Italy.
MY LIST  - from left to right: Minimoog, SH2, Prophet 5 (3.3), EMS AKS,
Memorymoog Lintronics, Roland Modular 100M - 26 modules, OSCAR, K2000,
K1000, Roland stuff (2X MKS80 + Programmer, MKS70+ prog, 2X D550, MKS20,
TB303, MC202), ElectroHarmonix Mini Synthesizer, Korg PS3100, PS3200,
SH2000, VP330, Synthex, TX801, TG77, S330, TR909, CR78. Plus others...
WHO I AM: 39 years old dentist, involved in academic career. Not a
professional 	musician, but a	guy that spends his free time (too short) in
studying and 	tweaking knobs and making musical research and spending also
about 4000 	$ for a LINTRONIC and reading every day (night) messages and
opinions 	from a 	list. Never recorded a CD, neither shall in the future. 
WHO CARES : probably nobody.
WHO COULD BE INTERESTED: Some people that like me love analog heaven,
music, 	professionally involved OR NOT in the music business, to whom my
gear and my documentation could be useful. I often swap manuals, opinions,
photos (some picture from
	my COLLECTION are in the book of Peter Forrest - 2 issue) and my gear is
	freely (no money charge, just for my pleasure) usable by (known) musicians
	that come to my home and sample everything they want. ... Isn't a mail
list 	made by these kind of guys?
MY OPINION: Daniele posted his vintage list for enthusiasm. Don't blame,
nor flame. Nobody thinks to be a god just for owning a modular or a rare
synthesizer. Perhaps
it would be better to avoid such a lot of meaningless (IMO) messages
returning to more technical, historical, musical discussions.
Hope this is the end of the flame.