Re: Which Modular

From Mike Peake
Sent Sat, Dec 14th 1996, 05:28

>	A new serge
>	An old moog
>	Doepfer, or whatever the cheap german unit is
>	Aural Research
>	Have my arp modded to be semi-modular	
>	old paia (I can get lots more this way :)
>	something else

Serge is exceptional. Not huge and fat, but the most versatile modular 
mass produced. You can go as far out with one of these as you want.

Moog is fast and fat. The standard for musical sound. However, not very 
experimental. Combining the tonal qualities of a Moog with the potential 
of a Serge it the way to go. Get some of each. 

Don't get old Paia. I have a couple of cabinets of this, and it's not 
worth the pain. Oscs don't track, etc.

Any Roland Modular is a great bet. They are warm and fast, and have more 
versatality than the Moog. They also make wierder sounds than Moogs 
(larger CV levels on the oscs allow better FM).

Best luck to you.