Re: [AH] Do synths sound better when played with analog sequencers, inst

From john mahoney
Sent Mon, Nov 10th 2003, 22:30

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From: "Zoran Bosnjak" <>
> person I know claims that my Doepfer/.com will sound better if driven by
> analog sequencer, instead of Cubase/Pro Solo as I do it right now. Is
> any truth in this?

"Person" was probably referring to timing issues. Somebody's website (has
anybody got the URL?) has charts comparing the timing of an analog sequencer
to that of a MIDI setup, and the analog system had better timing. Some MIDI
systems are better than others, but it was enlightening.

The other possibility is that "person" prefers the sound of hand-tuned
notes, as you get from an analog sequencer without a quantizer.